Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks

Designed for accumulation and temperature stabilization of medium and special requirements. Designed for cold or hot water (CZW/ZCWS) or non-aggressive liquids (e.g. glycol solutions, brine, CZW-G/ZCWS-G). Different applications depending on port layout and overall dimensions.

Domestic hot water temperature stabilizers SCWA

Designed for heat distribution units with domestic hot water heat exchangers with temperature limiting automatics (e.g. direct-acting temperature controllers). The temperature stabilizers can also be used as chilled water or glycol solution temperature stabilizers.

Pressure vessels CZH
Designed for pressure boosting systems. The pressure vessels stabilize and store mains water pressure.

Designed for compressed air systems. Special version: 6 – 16 bar.

Refrigerating System Tanks

  • TerZML – cooling compressed vapour to interstage pressure in two-stage ammonia cooling systems,
  • TerZW – evaporating separated liquid medium,
  • TerOCM – separating liquid droplets from the medium vapours,
  • TerOSs – separating liquid droplets from the medium vapour drawn in by the compressor,
  • TerZMr – cooling compressed vapour to interstage pressure in two-stage systems,
  • TerZP – collecting liquid ammonia,
  • TerOOL – evaporating ammonia in oil,
  • TerOC – constant pressure relief in the refrigeration systems,
  • TerOR – precipitating oil captured from the compressor with the medium vapour,
  • TerZOR – collecting oil,
  • TerZWOo – circulating water in the refrigeration systems,
  • TerNW – compensating intermediate medium volume in the circuit due to changes in temperature.
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