Hydraulic Separators for refrigeration systems

Operate in glycol systems, refrigeration and air conditioning

SP-G and SPP-G Hydraulic Separators are adapted to operate in glycol systems, refrigeration and air conditioning at temperatures below 0°C. They are designed to separate the generator and refrigerant circuit, in medium and high power systems, consisting of one or several generators and one or more refrigeration circuits. Thanks to this, they ensure the independence of the operation of the above-mentioned circuits without the need to balance their flows..


  • separating primary and secondary circuit
  • maintaining independent mass flow in the generator and the refrigeration circuit
  • eliminating flow rate balancing
  • refrigerating medium blowdown
  • refrigerating medium air purging

Principle of operation:

Hydraulic Separators in the refrigeration system separates the primary and secondary refrigeration circuit. Three system operation modes are available: – The volume at the refrigerating medium return is equal to the volume at the refrigeration system inlet. The quantity of heat delivered QD is equal to the quantity of heat received QO. – With the secondary refrigeration circuit control valves closed due to a reduced cooling load QO, part of the stream flows along the low-loss header. The excess cold QD is returned and indicates that the generator power should be reduced or the generator stopped. – If the cooling demand QO is higher than the generator power QD, the refrigeration system pumps force the return stream suction (Fig. 3). It increases the temperature of the stream supplying the secondary circuit. It indicates, that the generator power must be increased or another generator must be activated.

Hydraulic separator principle of operation

Principle of operation SP-G

SPP-G headers

Principle of operation SPP-G

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