Storage tanks

CZW / CZW-G – low-carbon steel
ZCWS / ZCWS-G – high-alloy steel
ZCWS-E / CZW-E – for electric heaters


Designed for accumulation and temperature stabilization of medium and special requirements. Designed for cold or hot water (CZW/ZCWS) or non-aggressive liquids (e.g. glycol solutions, brine, CZW-G/ZCWS-G). Different applications depending on port layout and overall dimensions.


  • accumulation
  • temperature stabilization
  • additional ports for electric heaters


The tank is designed as a cylindrical hot-galvanized low-carbon steel tank (CZW/CZW-G, available with paint coat finish) or high-alloy steel tank (ZCWS/ZCWS-G). The shell and the heads can be fitted with custom ports. The ports can be extended inside the tank with a pipe or elbow for special applications.