DHW temperature stabilizers SCWA

Domestic hot water temperature stabilizers SCWA


Designed for heat distribution units with domestic hot water heat exchangers with temperature limiting automatics (e.g. direct-acting temperature controllers). The temperature stabilizers can also be used as chilled water or glycol solution temperature stabilizers.


  • maintain domestic hot water temperature at ±1oC set temperature
  • stabilize domestic hot water temperature by mixing water at various and changing temperature 




Domestic hot water temperature stabilizer is designed as a hot-galvanized cylindrical steel tank. The top section includes an inlet (1) and outlet (2) port with custom end connections. The bottom section is fitted with a vent port (3) and thermometer port (4). The top section includes a pair of ports (5) for temperature controller sensor and thermomanometer. The bottom section includes a pair of ports (6) for connecting circulation pump. Tank chamber is cleaned via a drain port (7).




Stabilizator temperatury ciepłej wody użytkowej SCWA - wymiary i budowa

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