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Temperature stabilizers SCWA

Stabilizers for domestic hot water temperature

Temperature stabilizers are designed for installation in thermal nodes with domestic hot water flow heat exchangers, with the use of temperature limiting automation, e.g. RTB direct-operation temperature controllers (they do not require any external power source) manufactured by us. SCWA stabilizers are used in systems using ice water or glycol solution. In combination with the high-quality Neodul® insulation by Greiner, it has a high energy class


  • retaining the DHW temperature within ± 1°C, in relation to the set temperature,
  • stabilization of DHW temperature is carried out by mixing water with different and rapidly changing temperatures,
  • made of stainless steel (optional),
  • a hatch under the electric heating element (optional),
  • 36-month warranty (5 years option)

Types and medium

Type Marking Capacity Net weight H Spigot D

SCWA-S SCWA-E 45 775 DN40-80 PN16
SCWA200 203 58 1175
SCWA250 251 70 1405
SCWA286 286 79 1575 DN40-80 PN6
SCWA300 299 79 1575
SCWA350 350 95 1885 DN40-150 PN16
SCWA400 403 105 2075
SCWA500 510 150 2600
SCWA600 601 190 3000

Principle of operation:

Domestic hot water temperature stabilizer is designed as a hot-galvanized cylindrical steel tank. The top section includes an inlet (1) and outlet (2) port with custom end connections. The bottom section is fitted with a vent port (3) and thermometer port (4). The top section includes a pair of ports (5) for temperature controller sensor and thermomanometer. The bottom section includes a pair of ports (6) for connecting circulation pump. Tank chamber is cleaned via a drain port (7).

SCWA Stabilizers principle of operation

Neodul® insulation

The innovative Neodul® product sets new standards for the thermal insulation used for hot water heat exchangers. A legally-protected combination of special plastic layers significantly reduces thermal losses, as compared to other thermal insulations. As a result, energy costs are reduced to the minimal. The insulation structure is smart-designed (including the holes for spigots and their insulation) for easy assembly. In addition, it is stable and suited to your tanks, also those manufactured according individual orders. The low weight of the insulation and the use of a switching bar or a zipper improve assembly. The insulation can be made quickly by one or two people. Due to the material resistance, Neodul® is not exposed to surface damage, which is often the case in soft insulations.


1. The basic material of Neodul® insulation is polystyrene foam with the addition of graphite nanoparticles. The most important advantage of graphite is the reflection of heat, which significantly improves thermal properties. The insulation consists of plates (flexible slates) laid flat, thanks to which it is easy to transport and store it. The slates with insulation have grooves cut and can be easily bent in a semicircle.
2. The soft non-woven fabric makes it possible to perfectly line the insulation, which prevents heat loss through convection. Thanks to the soft and easily bending edges of the insulation, its assembly is easy.
3. The outer jacket can be made in various colours or printed in accordance with the customer's requirements. The Neodul® professional & plus versions have a smooth surface with a protective film or a surface with a delicate embossing.
4. The kit includes the insulation with the plastic cover on top. Lower insulation can also be provided upon request.

SCWA Greiner Neodul insulation



SCWA Stabilizers for domestic hot water temperature
SCWA Stabilizers for domestic hot water temperature.
Greiner Neodul insulation
Greiner Neodul insulation.
SCWA in insulation Greiner
SCWA in insulation Greiner.