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All pressure vessels & tanks have 3 years guarantee.



Water filters designed for retaining solids in media used in heating systems, heat distribution units, heating plants and air handling units

Hydraulic Separators

Designed for separating boiler and heating circuit.

Pressure Vessels | Tanks

Tanks manufactured with certified materials with the receipt of UDT.

Domestic hot water temperature stabilizer

Temperature stabilizers SCWA for installation in thermal nodes with domestic hot water flow heat exchangers

Refrigerating System Tanks

Pressure and storage tanks designed for low temperatures -40°C

Expansion Pressure Vessels

The expansion vessels for central heating system, drinking water and others.

Stabilizing and top-up equipment

Automatic refilling device with domestic hot water heater with anti-bacterial function

Valves and cotrollers

Self acting temperature corollers and valves for electric actuators BELIMO

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