TERMEN S.A. is a manufacturer of strainers, hydraulic separators, pressure vessels and other equipment used in thermal engineering, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Top products.

Hydraulic Separator TERMEN

Hydraulic Separators TERMEN with themal insulation Greiner.

are known under another name like low-loss header. They are designed for separating boiler and heating circuit for medium and high power systems including one or several boilers and one or several heating ciruits.

TerFOM-LUX Sedimentation Filters

New TerFOM-LUX Magnetic Impurity Separator.

Impurity separators, with new, neodymium magnetic piles for use in TERMEN sedimentation filters. A neodymium pile produces a magnetic field which is 10 times stronger.

Stabilizator SCWA

DHW temperature stabilizers SCWA

Designed for heat distribution units with domestic hot water heat exchangers with temperature limiting automatics (e.g. direct-acting temperature controllers). The temperature stabilizers can also be used as chilled water or glycol solution temperature stabilizers.

Panel sterowania Siemens Simatic BUW 7 obiegów

BUW Siemens Simatic.

Designed for control and automatic water top-up in the central heating charge supplied with mains water or water from the heat distribution return.

Water and others mediums clarifying.

filtroodmulnik nierdzewny TERMEN

Basket Strainers for separating impurities

Strainers are designed to retain and separating solid contaminants or impurities contained in water, glycols and brines. Thanks to the unique design, the flow is slowed, causing contaminants to settle on the bottom of the Strainer. The neodymium magnetic stack captures paramagnetics and other magnetically active molecules.

separator zanieczyszczeń

Contamination separators for protecting boiler and water fittings.

Contamination separators are designed to retain solid particles carried by flowing water. They are used as a protection against desludging boiler fittings and water installations, with a much higher efficiency than in the case of oblique filters. The unique design forces slowed water flow, causing contaminations to deposit on the bottom of the separator

Rozdzielacz kolektor obiegów

Collectors for Low-loss header.

Collectors are used in heating systems consisting of several circuits. They distribute the heating medium to the required number of circuits. .

Sprzęgło hydrauliczne dla chłodnictwa SPP-G TERMEN

Hydraulic Separators for refrigeration systems.

SP-G and SPP-G Hydraulic Separators are adapted to operate in glycol systems, refrigeration and air conditioning at temperatures below 0°C. They are designed to separate the generator and refrigerant circuit, in medium and high power systems, consisting of one or several generators and one or more refrigeration circuits.

Presure vessels.


Automatic presure stations.

Designed for control and automatic water top-up in the central heating charge supplied with mains water or water from the heat distribution return.

producent zbiorników ciśnieniowych

TERMEN – presure vessels producer.

Designed for accumulation and temperature stabilization of medium and special requirements. Designed for cold or hot water or non-aggressive liquids (e.g. glycol solutions, brine). Different applications depending on port layout and overall dimensions.

Regulator temperatury RTB

Self-acting temperature control valves RTB RTB

for maintaining constant medium temperature between +20ºC and +120ºC. Compatible with cold water, hot water and steam up to 180ºC .

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