Pressure vessels

Pressure Tanks

Storage tanks Designed for accumulation and temperature stabilization of medium and special requirements. Designed for cold or hot water (CZW/ZCWS) or non-aggressive liquids e.g. glycol.

Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks

Strainer with magnetic sets

Strainers & Filters

Designed for retaining solids in fluids. Strainers guarantee continuous operation of control systems, instrumentation, control and automation, heat exchangers, pumps and other system components.


hydraulic separators

Hydraulic Separators

Hydraulic Separators are designed for separating boiler and heating circuit. For medium and high power systems including one or several boilers and one or several heating ciruits. 

Hydraulic Separators for boiler circuit
Hydraulic Separators for refrigeration

Regulators & valves

Valves and Controlers

Self-acting differential pressure controllers for controlling preset differential pressure Δp between 0.2-1.6; 1-2.8; 1-3.5 or 2.5-7 bar. Compatible with cold and hot water or steam.

Valves and Controlers

Water heater Z-BIS

Water Heater Z-BIS

Z-BIS Domestic hot water heater with anti-bacterial function.  Designed for heating domestic hot water in gas and oil boiler rooms. Prefect alternative for storage domestic hot water heaters.

Water Heater Z-BIS

DHW temeperaure stabilizers

Temperature Stabilizers

Domestic hot water temperature stabilizers SCWA Applications Designed for heat distribution units with domestic hot water heat exchangers with temperature limiting automatics e.g. direct-acting valve.

DHW temperature stabilizers SCWA

expansions vessels

Expansion Vessels

Compensation of pressure increase due to temperature increase Expansion pressure vessels.  Compensation of pressure increase due to temperature increase, compact design, replaceable diaphragm.

Pressure Expansion Vessels


Stabilizing and top-up equipment

Automatic charge

Widely used in boiler rooms and heat distribution units, in particular in high buildings and central heating systems with expansion vessels. Compatible with glycol (air conditioning systems).

Stabilizing and top-up equipment