Contamination separators

For protecting boiler and water fittings

Contamination separators are designed to retain solid particles carried by flowing water. They are used as a protection against desludging boiler fittings and water installations, with a much higher efficiency than in the case of oblique filters. The unique design forces slowed water flow, causing contaminations to deposit on the bottom of the separator. The neodymium magnetic stack captures paramagnetics and other magnetically active molecules. The stack is housed in a stainless steel cover that prevents contaminations from depositing directly on the magnets and also results in the possibility of removing them during the operation of an installation. The separators have non-mesh filters with a special weave that prevents them from clogging.


  • protecting boiler and water fittings,
  • removing contaminations without interrupting operations,
  • filter and stack cover made of stainless steel,
  • neodymium magnetic stack,
  • extremely easy maintenance
  • low costs.

Types and medium

Medium - water
Neodymium magnetic stack
Filter - weave preventing from clogging
Without a filter
Tank made of stainless steel
Anti-corrosion protection - galvanized

Technical Data

Nominal diameter DN152025
Flow factor [∆p=1bar]4.49.514
Design temperture [°C]110 or 150
Design pressure [bar]Standard 16, special options 6, 10, 25, 40.
Filter retention250μm, other dimensions upon request
Capacity [dm³]
Weight [kg]

Hydraulic characteristics of separators

The diameter of a contamination separator should be selected in such a way that the flow velocity was below 1m/s.

Contamination separators are devices operating under pressure and temperature, therefore it is essential to comply with the health and safety regulations during all operations with the use of them. Operators, maintenance staff and supervisors should pay special attention to the strong magnetic field generated by the neodymium magnetic stack, it can interfere with pacemakers and other electronic devices.

Application examples

protection against depositing in the exchangers of magnetite

The central heating system - protection against depositing in the exchangers of magnetite boiler rooms and other particles carried by the return water.

Securing the bathroom fittings and the heater exchanger

Securing the bathroom fittings and the heater exchanger against contaminations carried by the water of the water supply network.


Contamination separator easy amaintenance

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