Sets for automatic pressure stabilization, replenishment and storage of excess medium


TERMAX-T - high temperature systems

TERMAX-GP - for glycol systems



Designed for stabilizing systems and protecting against excessive pressure and charge loss. Also available with automatic medium deaerator. Designed for high buildings, high capacity charge and high water loss that require constant maintenance. Designed for systems operating at over 100°C with the cooling tank. TERMAX-GP is compatible with glycol systems.



  • compensation of pressure increase due to temperature increase
  • system medium top-up
  • medium deaerating
  • automatic charge system stabilization



Designed for automatic pressure stabilization and charge top-up TERMAX set includes two units:

  • automatic control elements including: control system (1), pump (2), discharge regulator (3), solenoid valve (4), water meter (5), wye strainer (6), shut-off valve (7), check valve (8), pressure sensor (9), pressure gauge (10), solenoid valve (11);
  • expansion vessel set including: gravity vessel or TerNWP expansion vessel set (12), level sensor (13), overflow safety valve (14).

Principle of operation

Calculated working pressure (static system pressure) is set on the control system (1). Pump (2) and direct-acting discharge regulator (3) maintain constant system pressure. If the pressure set on the discharge regulator (3) is exceeded, the regulator opens and the medium flows to the expansion vessel(s) (12). Pressure drop is detected by the pressure sensor (9) and the signal is transmitted to the control system (1). Control system (1) activates the pump (2) to refill the water to the static pressure level set. Level sensor (13) maintains the minimum required medium level in the expansion vessel. As the control system (1) receives the minimum medium level signal, a solenoid valve (4) opens and the medium is topped-up to the preset level. The medium is deaerated at the discharge regulator (3) and if the system loss is minor, it is recommended to use a solenoid valve (11) for easy deaeration via the control system (1).

Technical specifications

Vessel type TerNWP gravity vessel
Static pressure setting range 0-10 bar
Storage capacity 75% total TerNWP capacity
Supply voltage 230/400 V
Expansion vessel dimensions see TerNWP expansion vessel data sheet


Set designation

Please specify the device type, size and number of expansion vessels, system pressure or power and medium loss when placing an order.

Termax schemat

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