Strainers DN600

The strainers family Ter, provides effective water purification and convenient operation.
The strainer has been designed by TERMEN to work at a maximum temperature of 150°C and pressure up to 1.6 MPa (16 bar). Type TerFM means magnetic strainer, made of carbon steel, hot galvanized, equipped with a magnetic sets. The Lux version is distinguished by mounting stacks in a special magnetic shield to facilitate cleaning.

The tank is equipped with a mechanism that allows the removal of the filter mesh without the need for a crane.

The coat of the tank are placed coaxially with the inlet connectors (DN600) and outlet (DN600).

The strainers TerFO/FM has been designed that their operation as simple as possible. It is possible to clean them without unscrewing the flange connections. The most frequently performed activity when use is draining reclaim. This is done by opening the drain valve mounted on the appendix.

Cleaning of the strainer can be done by variants:

1. Clean the strainer and the sleeve in the counter.
2. Clean the strainer and sleeve using the washer with the lance flexible (eg. Company Karcher catalog number 6.394-654.0 1.5m).

The strainer can also be polluted by substances that are not removable for cleaning and the countercurrent using washers (difficult access) and design allows you to remove the magnetic sets through flange connection.



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