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The New, Magnetic Impurity Separator.

Dirt separators in Sedimentation Filters Impurity separators, with new, neodymium magnetic piles for use in TERMEN sedimentation filters. A neodymium pile produces a magnetic field […]

Touch Panel Siemens

The Touch Panel Siemens

To control the device type BUW, it was used touch panel Siemens. All important information about temperature, pressure, device status are given in legible form […]

Filtroodmulniki DN600

Strainers DN600

The strainers family Ter, provides effective water purification and convenient operation. The strainer has been designed by TERMEN to work at a maximum temperature of 150°C and […]

ISO 9001

The company TERMEN is engaged in the production of equipment for heating, refrigeration and air conditioning. In order to maintain and develop the quality of […]

gwarancja 3 lata

3 Year Guarantee

Dear customers. Our facilities meet the highest quality and we are confident the reliability of our products. Since 1 January 2016, for products manufactured by […]